Fashion Technology Acceleration program in Milan was wonderful, lovely  and I am very grateful to have had chance to be part of! Lot of beautiful people, intensive workshop days and lot of information to think about. To understand the world wide with more opened eyes, to gather more ideas, to future co-work and sure the Italian cultural heritage that was like a cherry on the top of the cake extremely inspirational. 

During the stay I decided to take some photos with local beauties with my jewels.I wanted to have some authentic images with beautiful donnas and my traveling bracelet animals. They were all fond of the idea , don t have to mention super photogenic. The art of fashion is a very big part of their culture and they adore to be part of.  They look all very stylish and well dressed and adorned to the details. 

About the program , we had every day during the stay at least 3 performers as well mentors to advise us. They all loved my jewels and I got super feed back for what I do. Of course it was very hard to describe them that the prices vary from 40 to 20 000 Euros, there is something i should try to have better explained in my branding. 
They talked mainly about the e-commerce, fashion business modeling, intellectual property, technologies, digital tools, fund raising etc. Visiting very cool start ups  as well some big fashion companies. 

There was still a bit of spare time during the lunch and in the evening. Although it was quite exhausting I tried to run to see some cultural heritage but streets and street art as well here and there. I was really fond to see The Last Supper of da Vinci, but ELAS! the tickets are sold out till the end of December! So my friend, if You really want to go to Milan to see something., before You start planning your flight ticket make sure you buy your museum tickets in advance, before the airway ones. 
I loved as well Paul Klee exhibition in MUDAC and the concert in Conservatory of Music. 
I was amazed by 1 shop Rossana Rolanda, that is absolutely must be for product designers and the ones who like to have their home to be art like designed.