Marita Lumi won the first prize of NEF -  The Foundation of Estonian Young Jewellery

The big honor and surprise was immense when the jury of Kadri Mälk, Tanel Veenre, Piret Hirv pronounced on the 18th of October that Marita Lumi  won Estonian Young Jewellers prize. It was amasing feeling, I was nominated together with Keiu Koppel, Sigrid Kuusk and Claudia Leppik- they are all so strong and fabulous and gifted artists. I won 1 thousand euros as well with the 500 Euro  gift card of tool shop Stokker. Super, yey the tool sare always jewellers best friends ;) be curious google them ;)

Thank You so so much!

As well my nominators opened an amasing exhibition in the castle of Maarjamäe, please do not hesitate to go to see it, you will not regret. I believe it is courageous and full of magic! Click HERE to read more the Rõhuloss group exhibition.