JUNGLE  travels:

February Pärnu Modern Art Museum
March -May 2018 April Tallinn Airport
July 2018 Viljandi Water Tower
August 2018 Põltsamaa pArt Gallery
September 2018 Obinitsa Kunstizaal
October, 2018 to Kuressaare Rae Gallery
November to January 2018 Narva castle
March 2019 Berlin, Trofejas Gallery
May-June 2019 Tartu Nature House
July-August Tallinn Hop Gallery

December 2018 A-Gallery

Lumi at the very moment creates jewelry for her solo traveling exhibition Jungle, that celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. By traveling during 1 year into different cities. While exhibiting creating new works for new coming exhibitions. At the end of the year, there will be 30 000 stones set for the final exhibition in December.
Some of the works are cast into silver, but mostly used is the electrolytic method to grow copper around any organic matter. With the project, the different objects are first sculpted in wax. Then the molds were growing 2 weeks in copper sulfate. When ready, the wax was burnt out, then the stones set and in the end the copper silver-plated and gold-plated.
Jungle analyzes the relationship between human beings and nature, the societal beliefs of the present age.  Events in the animal kingdom can easily bring parallels with the human world. One can say that compared to Western culture, direct contact with nature is part of being Estonian. The "Jungle" exhibition does not seek the truth but could reflect our society as a forest itself, which hides the wonderful world of events and sages. Perhaps it is possible to better perceive a world with less right answers, more compromises, and better living in the present when studying the animal kingdom better.

Wild Goat / Gold-plated silver, onyx, hematite, tigers-eye, CZ's / Photo credits Temuri Hvingija